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A Foundation for Your Potential

Discover the blueprint for your next big move. Levata’s vendor-neutral combinations of hardware, software, supplies, and services power a suite of integrated mobility, automation, and visibility solutions. All of which are designed, built, and configured to your needs.

Enterprise Mobility

Harness the technology to keep devices and data secure while giving workers the flexibility they need to excel wherever work takes them. Powering custom solutions for real-time access, management, and insights, Levata’s enterprise mobility foundation enables organizations to continuously optimize operations and improve workflows in a rapidly moving world.

People ID & Secure Access Control

Power protection and productivity across private and public sectors with mobile credentials, ID card badging, and smart access control technology and services. Levata’s photo ID and access control platform enables organizations to seamlessly and securely manage people, properties, and privileges in an increasingly mobile world.

Supply Chain Visibility with RFID

Reduce labor costs, chargebacks, and lost inventory while boosting productivity with RFID from Levata. Our complete digital DNA solution with RFID is a trifecta of groundbreaking technology: patented antenna technology, proprietary tags that outperform and software to manage it all. Levata’s supply chain visibility platform enables organizations to quickly and accurately identify, count, and track the quantity and condition of contents in containers and packages, wherever they are.

Customer Experience at Point of Sale

Levata’s point-of-sale platform solutions enable your organization to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your customers enjoy a seamless, enhanced check-out experience. Optimize your transactions with solutions ranging from robust online ordering and contactless payment to modern point-of-sales technology and support services.

Automation with Vision & Robotics

Meet ever-growing demands for speed, scalability, and flexibility across the supply chain with next-generation technology and services. Powering autonomous mobile robots, machine vision systems, and automatic labeling solutions, Levata is your one-stop shop for providing turnkey solutions. We partner with you to select technologies to suit your needs and work closely with suppliers to enable your organization to achieve business goals while reducing operational overhead.

sobeys case study image
New electronic access control system
Adient Rain RFID Case Study

Case Study

See how Sobeys and Levata streamlined vehicle tracking and lowered costs with one modern solution.

Ensuring ELD Compliance in 10 weeks: Grocery giant Sobeys sought to integrate a highly durable mobile solution that met today’s compliances and tomorrow’s unforeseen expectations.

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Case Study

Affordably Updating WiFi Locks for Remote Management

New electronic access control system allowed Von Steuben High School staff to stay focused on their day-to-day duties.

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Case Study

Adient Automates Asset Management with RFID

A RAIN RFID solution helps Adient find missing shipping containers.

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