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Project Activation

Levata technology

Covering every detail of your technology implementation.

As we kickoff your transformation, Levata ensures that the correct equipment is procured, working, and loaded with the proper settings and applications. Then we kit every component on a per-user, per-location basis so that your technology is ready to use and deployed to the right locations on day one.

Fully Managed Deployment

Kickoff & Procurement

We procure mobile computers, barcode scanners, vehicle mount computers, RFID portals, robotics, label, ID card printers, pre-printed custom labels, ID card printers and readers, and more.

  • Pilot or Project Kickoff
  • Hardware Sourcing
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Supplies and Accessories Procurement
  • Offsite Equipment Receipt
  • Secure Asset Storage
  • Software Agreements and Connectors
  • Custom Software Applications

Staging & Configuration

Your new technology is serialized, staged, and tested offsite in a controlled environment. Every device is loaded and securely stored for easy deployment.

  • Hardware Receipt & Verification
  • Asset Serialization & Tagging
  • Golden Image Creation
  • Secure, Rapid Imaging and Loading via Multicast Server
  • Cloud and Networking
  • Warranty Entitlement
  • OEM Contract Activation
  • Device Staging and Testing
  • Secure Inventory Storage
  • Per-Device Personalization (Based on User/Location Specifications)

Kitting & Deployment

Once your equipment is loaded with exact user and location specifications, we bundle it into organized kits and ship to the proper locations.

  • Per-Site Kitting
  • Real-time Shipping and Tracking
  • Technology Deployment to All Locations
  • Final Pre-Install Preparations

Onsite Installation

Levata manages your technology installation from the first blueprint to initial construction. The more time spent onsite, the more the cost increases. We do anything and everything we can to optimize the installation process.

  • Low Voltage Cabling Rough-In
  • Cable Terminations
  • Network Labeling
  • Lift Rentals
  • Hardware Receipt and Verification
  • Hardware Installation
  • Device Testing
  • Software Integration Testing

Turn Up & Go Live

On go-live day, our onsite project management and installation team ensures your new devices, applications, data, and teams are operating in sync with minimal delays and disruption to your business at peak times.

  • Equipment Turn Up
  • MDM Software Activation
  • Virtual Data Layers
  • Onsite Employee Training
  • Final Go Live
  • Onsite Support
  • Project Completion