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Modern Environments

Levata modern environments

Better experiences for people. Better Outcomes for business

Levata is a global leader in tech-enabled environments that drive employee and customer satisfaction, increase engagement and productivity, and integrate new efficiencies and endeavors that improve your bottom line.

Grocery Store

Curbside pickup brings convenience to customers and cost savings to the order fulfillment process.

The Warehouse Floor

Inventory management systems trade labor-intensive cycle counts for precise real-time visibility into stock levels.

School Campus

Electronic access control enhances and expedites campus security with reliable tracking for real-time visibility.


Kiosks with temperature scanning reduce wait times and enable contactless registration and payment for safe, streamlined check-in.

Drive-Thru Restaurant

Line busting systems reduce wait times, improve customer experience, and increase sales.

In the Field

Rugged mobile technology solutions maximize worker comfort and ensure access to critical information to drive productivity.

Tech That Transforms

Modern environments are built upon integrated stacks of hardware, software, supplies, and services—proven and customizable foundations for mobility, automation, and visibility.

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Applications in Action

Designed for agility in an ever-changing landscape, modern environments empower your organization to meet growing demands for speed, convenience, and precision across industries and sectors.

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All-in-One Partnership

We identify, deploy, configure, and support the solutions that bring value to your organization while offering the financing flexibility and global presence you need to grow at speed and scale. 

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