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Solution Consulting

Solution Consulting Levata

Recommending the best path forward for transformation.

Levata’s technology integration projects begin with the consulting stage, where we identify opportunities and propose pathways for transformation that align with your needs and serve your goals.

Comprehensive Design Services


Levata gathers as much information as possible regarding your current mobile computers, handheld scanners, printers, MDM software, and ID badge readers. Our audits can include an onsite walkthrough and site survey from our skilled engineers.

  • Comprehensive Technology Inventory (Active and Inactive Devices)
  • Location Scope
  • Application Scope
  • Software Infrastructure
  • Third Party Service Level Agreements and Expirations
  • Security Risks and Limitations
  • Access Readers and Badges
  • Internal User Interviews
  • Onsite Walkthrough with Solution Architect
  • Wireless Site Surveys
  • Global Compliance Standards for Scalability


We determine the scope of your shortcomings and the potential upsides to your business. Our team weighs every option and develops a confident, concise action plan for transformation.

  • Device Failure Frequency and Impact Report
  • Production Downtime Evaluation
  • Asset Management Software
  • Third Party Service Performance Optimization
  • Ownership Cost Analysis
  • Potential ROI Calculation and Analysis


Last, we recommend a solution with the best possible outcome for your business. The technology itself, the project activation plan, and financing options are laid out in a SOW for final approval.

  • Technology Roadmap
  • Hardware Support, Replace, or Upgrade
  • Software Support, Replace, or Upgrade
  • Vendor Consolidations
  • Custom Software
  • Financing
  • Pilot Programs
  • Deployment Plan & Review