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See how Sobeys and Levata streamlined vehicle tracking and lowered costs with one modern solution.

Ensuring ELD Compliance in 10 weeks: To track both driving time and duty status, grocery giant giant Sobeys sought to integrate a highly durable mobile solution that met today’s compliances and tomorrow’s unforeseen expectations.

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To ensure driver safety and efficiency, new federal laws now require transportation and logistics teams to register hours of service through an electronic logging device (ELD). The new mandate has been expected to lower fatigue-related collisions while digitizing audits and inspections to avoid any manual processing errors. To track both driving time and duty status, grocery giant Sobeys sought to integrate a highly durable mobile solution that met today’s compliances and tomorrow’s unforeseen expectations.

Business Challenge

Complying with Canada’s new ELD mandates minimizes fleet costs and preserves worker safety nationwide; however, to proactively connect drivers and monitor in-motion trucks, Sobeys required a durable and adaptable device that could function from anywhere in the nation in a fleet of 372 trucks. It is estimated that traffic congestion can drain up to $63.701 per hour per idle truck, contributing to over $63 billion lost every year between idleness, fuel costs, and labor expenses. Consequently, real-time visibility into routing was vital to reduce unnecessary hours of service and costs.

Furthermore, to improve worker safety, Sobeys wished to integrate an easy-to-use device that strayed away from a phone resemblance. Although larger screens could provide at-a-glance visibility, hands free data entry and communication was also essential to limit drivers from taking their eyes off the road.

Finally, because drivers typically lose 3.3 hours per week due to device downtime, a rugged mobile device proved to be essential in ensuring solution longevity and lowering operational costs. Moreover, as mandates adapt to new market changes, rugged devices also needed to be able to accommodate future implementations without halting productivity.

The Solution

Experienced in constructing ELD-friendly mobility solutions, Levata met with Sobeys to assess the extent of required visibility and ease-of-use parameters for their solution. To create a simplistic yet scalable tracking system, they integrated the mandated Circle Check software along with:

• Enterprise Android Tablet – Built to withstand challenging environments such as extreme temperatures and long shifts, the enterprise tablet also leverages flexible networking options to sustain communication channels even in the most remote locations. Its rugged design supports long-term usability thanks to long-lasting battery cycles and a future-proof OS that prevents data tampering.

• Software – Levata worked with existing ELD software partner that ensured no-drop connectivity, eliminating the need for additional cellular plans while connecting drivers and administrators via their preferred Android platform.

• Customized Mounting – To adapt to each truck, Levata helped develop specialized tablet docks and mounting hardware accessories for easy at-a-glance legibility and hands-free commands.

• Visibility IQ – Dedicated to minimizing operation costs, the chosen software enables real-time asset tracking to target underperforming devices and schedule repairs before they impact workflows.

For continual support, Levata also supported deployed devices through its TrueSupport service for reliable tech assistance. From kitting to staging to continual maintenance, Levata optimized Sobeys’ fleet within 10 weeks. Android’s open ecosystem allows for eventual changes, protecting scalability in the future.

Benefits and Results

Going beyond basic ELD compliance, Sobeys was able to implement a mobility solution that destroyed siloed operating systems and welcomed new applications, ultimately enabling:

• Real-time visibility into less efficient routes
• Dispatch alerts of supply chain changes
• Less communication breakdowns
• Visible driver logging for faster audits
• Increased worker safety
• Minimized delivery delays

As fleets prepare to meet future ELD requirements, Sobeys continues to raise the standards in effective and customer-centric modernization. Committed to its success, Levata is expected to keep enhancing flexible mobility to facilitate changing workforce sizes, new compliance standards, and customer demands.

  • Industry


  • Capability

    Enterprise Mobility

  • Application

    ELD Modernization

  • Challenge

    Complying with federal ELD mandates while minimizing fleet costs and preserving workers’ safety to proactively connect drivers and monitor in motion trucks.

  • Featured Solution

    Mobile device management, custom mounting docks, software solutions

  • Key Benefits

    Diminished siloed operating systems, enabling real-time visibility, better communications, faster audits, increased worker safety and more.