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Convenience and Security: Beyond Barbell Gym’s Access Control upgrade

Beyond Barbell Gym is a local fitness center in Wieser, Idaho. Starting out in 2019 in a small, 1,000 sq foot facility, Beyond Barbell has seen tremendous success requiring them to expand into a 5,000 sq foot facility. With a larger space coupled with providing members 24/7 access, their access control system plays an integral role in facility security and membership management.

beyond barbell

The Situation

Beyond Barbell Gym was facing a recurring challenge with their access control system. Unauthorized individuals were gaining access to the gym through shared fobs, disrupting the security of the facility and impacting their bottom line. Seeking a solution to enhance security and streamline membership management, Kevin, the gym owner, reached out to Levata.

The Solution

SimpleAccess stepped in with a tailored solution to address Beyond Barbell Gym’s specific needs. By recommending the SR3 reader, Beyond Barbell could now offer its members the convenience of mobile credentials, eliminating the need for fobs. In addition to the SR3 reader, Levata proposed to replace their control panel to upgrade their access system to a cloud-based solution, enabling the ability to remotely manage membership access.

Key Benefits & Results

  • Enhanced Security: The shift from shared fobs to individual mobile credentials significantly reduced the risk of unauthorized access. Members were less likely to share their personal phones, ensuring only legitimate members could enter the gym.

  • Savings on Installation: By leveraging existing cable runs and door hardware, the gym achieved substantial cost savings in hardware and installation costs.

  • Membership Flexibility: With Levata software, Beyond Barbell Gym could easily offer temporary promotional memberships to drive new business. The system’s automatic expiration of temporary passes relieved them from manually managing and collecting pricey access fobs and cards.

  • Budget Friendly Model: Levata introduced an affordable annual subscription model, allowing the gym to provide unlimited mobile credentials at a fixed cost. This eliminated the need for expensive proximity fobs.

Beyond Barbell Gym experienced a significant transformation in both security and membership management. Unauthorized access incidents were eliminated, creating a safer and more exclusive environment for legitimate members. The implementation of Levata’s hardware and software solutions streamlined operations, reduced administrative burden, and enhanced the overall member experience.

Through this successful collaboration, Beyond Barbell Gym and Levata showcased the value of embracing advanced access control solutions to meet the evolving needs of fitness facilities.

  • Industry

    Travel & Leisure

  • Capability

    People ID & Secure Access Control

  • Application

    Exterior entrance doors for members

  • Challenge

    Members sharing access fobs with unauthorized, non-members

  • Featured Solution

    SimpleAccess with SR3 Mobile Credential Reader

  • Key Benefits

    Enhanced Security: Significantly reduced unauthorized access. Saved Money: Used existing cable and hardware to save on installation. Membership Flexibility: Remote management of temporary passes. Overhead Reduction: Unlimited credentials at a fixed cost.

Switching to mobile credentials has been great. I’m not worried about whether that unfamiliar face in the gym is a member or not.
– Kevin Bravo, Owner, Beyond Barbell