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Adaptability Meets Speed at Curative

Of all the industries rocked by the COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare certainly had to adjust the most. Facilities and healthcare workers raced to create safe testing spaces to meet skyrocketing numbers. Demand for testing far exceeded supply of COVID-19 testing, and Curative shifted their focus to deliver and design a fast COVID-19 testing process, ultimately increasing the demand for accurate and fast data capture technology.

Adaptability Meets Speed at Curative

Business Challenge

Founded in January of 2020, Curative was initially focused on improving diagnosis of sepsis. However, with the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, they quickly readjusted efforts to create a vertically integrated testing system. Curative developed an oral-swab test, designed their own software, and set up pop-up sites with drive-thrus, kiosks, and vans. As the virus continued to spread, Curative’s testing locations quickly expanded to provide 10% of the nation’s testing across 15,000 testing locations in 48 states. Moreover, for accuracy and 24-48 hour results, tests required a barcode on each test-tube with patient information, thus placing a need for a secured data processing workflow to comply with HIPAA regulations.

The Solution

Levata has worked with several prominent tech players across the nation, building a wide range of scanning options to fit unique applications. Favoring both speed and ease-of-use, Curative selected a linear imager scanner for the following benefits:

• Basic design accelerated deployment
• Simplistic usability facilitated onboarding for new incoming healthcare workers
• Durability ensured continuous performance during long shifts
• Value price enabled mass scalability
• Faster data capture allowed for speeds up to 100 scans per second

In addition to deploying over a thousand scanners, Levata managed the procurement process to ensure inventory was on-hand. Additionally, Levata assisted with post-deployment services for quicker set-ups and 24/7 tech support. Lastly, Levata also managed the staging, kitting and shipment for all testing sites involved, further accelerating integration for faster testing and unbroken efficiency.

Benefits and Results

Combining adaptability and speed, Levata works alongside teams to develop one seamless yet flexible deployment model for ensured efficiency. With faster and fail-proof data capture, Curative was able to quickly operate large testing sites such as Dodger Stadium, conducting 20,000 tests per day in this one site alone. Accessible testing enabled healthcare professionals to triage patients and allocate resources to where they’re needed most.

  • Industry


  • Capability

    Enterprise Mobility

  • Application

    Improving data capture and mobile computing for curbside testing.

  • Challenge

    Curative needed to provide accurate test results within 48 hours in over 15,000 locations while complying with HIPAA regulations.

  • Featured Solution

    Barcode scanners coupled with device procurement and post-deployment services by Levata.

  • Key Benefits

    By accelerating accurate data capture, Curative ensured fail-proof testing, delivering up to 20,000 tests in one day alone.

The Levata team came through, including some last-minute panic orders. We tried to forecast demand, but this was really hard to do with testing locations being set up so quickly as we responded in real-time to the needs of the pandemic,” said Dalton Wheeler, Curative’s Senior Purchasing and Planning Manager. “Testing locations needed to have crucial supplies such as PPE equipment, test tubes and barcode scanners. If one item was missing, the testing location couldn’t operate. Our partners needed to deliver. Levata certainly did that.
– Dalton Wheeler, Curative’s Senior Purchasing and Planning Manager