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Packaging Company Modernizes Processes with Barcode Solutions from Levata.

Maco PKG offering custom packaging solutions, was looking to implement its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and better take advantage of its barcoding capabilities.

Maco PKG case study

Business Challenge

When Maco PKG planned to implement its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, the organization also wanted to take advantage of its barcoding capabilities. Preston Miller, Maco PKG Supply Chain Manager, pointed out, however, that it meant a major upgrade for the business.

“We operated completely offline with a transactional inventory system. We didn’t have remote connectivity or floor control capabilities. Our system was good old pen and paper,” he said. “The new system was a huge undertaking for us.”

He added that the project involved more than deploying technology. Leadership wanted to refine processes for more automation and efficiency, including more efficient inventory management processes and enabling real-time data collection rather than having an employee update data 8 to 24 hours after a transaction occurred.

A challenge that Maco PKG had to overcome was the height of its warehouse racks. With uprights as high as 24 feet, the company needed scanners that could read reliably at that range to eliminate the need for employees to exit forklifts and climb up and down to scan barcodes.

The Solution

Maco PKG worked with Levata to evaluate, select, and deploy mobile computers and printers for its modernized processes. The company chose 10 mobile computers. Maco PKG and Levata considered the company’s barcode scanning needs and budget. They determined the selected mobile computers would provide the long range scanning necessary for forklift operators, material handling, and inventory control personnel. The company also chose additional mobile computers for its supervisors, who are manipulating floor inventory marked with smaller barcodes.

“We were able to use a blend of different devices,” Miller explained. “It was cost-effective, but it enabled us to match the requirements of each employee’s positions with the right technology.”

Maco PKG, which doesn’t have onsite IT personnel, chose TrueSupport for all mobile computers. “It was really important to have remote support capabilities,” Miller commented. “We wanted to protect our investment by making sure the devices are updated and maintained.”

The company also deployed two industrial label printers and four desktop label printers, giving every division of the company printing support.

“The thermal printers are used for more permanent barcoding such as the labels on racks,” Miller said. “The desktop label printer serves to keep an accurate count of our contract and flexible packaging supplies.”

Levata also provided Maco PKG with labels and helped with the design, including tags placed on the company’s high “D” and “E” racks that a forklift operator could read from underneath the beam as well as straight on.

Benefits and Results

Miller said the solution helped Maco PKG increase efficiency and gain real-time visibility. Scanners streamline workflows and enable greater productivity. Miller added, “Now when inventory moves, we see it. We don’t have to wait until a person gets through a pile of paper on the desk.”

In fact, the company was able to reallocate one employee from entering data. “Comparing the savings vs. the cost of the devices, we expect to see ROI in less than a year,” he said.

  • Industry

    Warehousing & Distribution

  • Capability

    Enterprise Mobility

  • Application

    Mobile computers, printers, and barcode technology

  • Challenge

    Cost-effectively transition from paper-based processes to a modern ERP system and barcode technology for more efficient data collection

  • Featured Solution

    Mobile computers with TrueSupport, industrial label printers, desktop printers

  • Key Benefits

    Real-time visibility, enhanced efficiency and productivity, cost-savings

Working with Levata, our device rollout went extremely smoothly. I hesitate to say it was basically plug and play, but for all intents and purposes, it was.
– Preston Miller, Supply Chain Manager, Maco PKG