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New Mexico Department of Public Safety Upgrades Card Issuance Program with Newer, Faster ID Solutions

Specialty ID card printers and supplies improve licensing production of Conceal and Carry Unit previously hindered by defective technology.

Faster ID Solutions

Business Challenge

The New Mexico Department of Public Safety exists to promote a safe and secure environment for its communities. It houses many specialized bureaus that support essential applications, programs, and services. The Concealed Carry Unit (CCU) of the Law Enforcement Records Bureau is responsible for the processing and issuance of over 45,000 concealed handgun carry licenses. This includes first-time applications, license renewals every four years, and replacements for lost or damaged cards.

Nothing derails productivity like slow, faulty technology. The customer’s clunky, outdated card printing machines were too slow to adequately keep up with demand. Worse, constant maintenance issues frequently halted card production completely. To keep operations running, the CCU Supervisor was forced to attain an in house printer technician. The team was limping through credential issuance, but pushing stuck cards one-by-one into the printer was a breaking point; the customer knew it was time to upgrade printers as soon as possible.


Angie Cormier, Supervisor of the Conceal Carry Unit identified operation speed, dependability, card security, and finished card quality as the top criteria for their card issuance program. With the must-haves solidified, she turned to her dedicated Levata Account Manager as a trusted source for ID badging technology and supplies.

“I am very satisfied with the print speed and quality of the retransfer printer. The graphics on the card are crisp and fade-resistant, and the final card product feels smooth and professional.”

A True Partner

The Conceal Carry Unit had been ordering ID badging supplies from Levata for several years and had always been satisfied with service, selection, and pricing. The CCU Supervisor felt confident sticking with a familiar partner. “Our Account Manager is always professional, friendly, and proactive. Our quote requests come back same-day, which helps with our rigid government requirements,” says Angie Cormier. “We were impressed that they even orchestrated a call with the badging organization, who explained the technology to us in detail.”

ID Badge Printers

The new ID card printer creates a conceal and carry license for a New Mexico license-holder. With guidance from their Account Manager, the customer implemented top-of-the-line retransfer ID card printers with dual-sided printing technology and the ability to laminate cards. HID retransfer printers have some of the fastest warm-up times and print speeds available, so the job can get started – and finished – faster. “This is very important since customers are often waiting for their card at our office,” adds Angie Cormier.

Retransfer technology imprints an edge-to-edge card design onto a unique clear film that is then adhered directly onto the card surface, “sandwiching” the image between the film and the card. Adding a lamination layer can further enhance card security and card durability. “I am very satisfied with the print speed and quality of the retransfer printer,” says the Conceal and Carry Unit Supervisor. “The graphics on the card are crisp and fade-resistant, and the final product feels smooth and professional.”


The ID card software used in tandem with a printer is a critical component that manages credential records, facilitates ID card design, and interacts with the printer equipment. The client’s previous software only allowed one user to access the application at a time, minimizing the number of card-holder records that could be updated and printed at any given moment. With the new, exclusive ID card software by Levata, multiple users are able to access the software and print ID cards – no more waiting for one person to do the job!

Preprinted Card Security

Card security and authentication elements to prevent card fraud attemptswere high on the criteria list for the CCU. An efficient, hassle-free Levata solution came in the way of blank cards pre-printed with a custom holographic seal of the state. Additional credentials printed in-house by the CCU includes the card-holders name, date of birth, and qualified gun calibers.


After the nagging printer performance issues the CCU suffered with their old printers, the Levata Account Manager was quick to recommend its TrueSupport printer service. Available in various durations, the CCU Supervisor selected a 5-year plan that will provide phone-based technical support including remote assistance, complimentary annual training, free loaner coverage, printer repair, and more.


With dependable, fast equipment and support, the New Mexico Department of Public Safety Concealed Carry Unit is operating at its top potential. License issuance and renewal cards are mailed out on time, and on-demand replacement cards are a simple undertaking. The customer has recovered substantial savings by eliminating the need for an in-house maintenance technician, but the Levata TrueSupport service plan offers peace of mind that its credentialing program will remain in full swing, always.

  • Industry


  • Capability

    People ID & Secure Access Control

  • Application

    ID card printers and supplies, holographic cards, support services

  • Challenge

    Implement hassle-free technology that can keep up with card issuance, renewal and replacement of over 45,000 license holders with an emphasis on security features and card quality.

  • Featured Solution

    ID card printers and supplies; Holographic access control credentials; TrueSupport

  • Key Benefits

    Best-in-class card printing technology produces vivid, premium-quality license cards embedded with security features.

Our Account Manager is always professional, friendly, and proactive. Our quote requests come back same-day, which helps with our rigid government requirements.
– Angie Cormier, Supervisor, Concealed Carry Unit